Fight Fiercely, Barack

Someone once asked Dave Foley of The Kids in the Hall if the troupe had ever had disagreements that got violent. He said that hadn’t happened, in part because the guys were so fey — “It would be like Paul Lynde and Charles Nelson Reilly getting into a fight.”

I was reminded of that this morning when I saw the NBC interview with the President, who said he was trying to find out “whose ass to kick.” Unlike some, I’m not offended by the language, even coming from the President — remember Harry Truman? But I do find it unconvincing. Obama and his supporters have sold us the Smartest Government In the World, with the finest degrees the Ivies can offer. These are the uberwonks, and now the Head Wonk is talking like Bruce Banner getting ready to pop his purple pants and go after someone? The academics’ kid from Punahou Prep is now the Harvard Hit Man?

Admit it — even Sarah Palin would be more convincing. By the way, isn’t it funny that Tough-Talking-Barack and his Kung Fu Action Grip is now droppin’ his g’s while referring to “talkin’ heads” and “standin’ in the rain?”

Mr. President, listen to me — I’m a dork. I was a geek in high school, a geek in college, and a geek now. I know dorkiness. Few things are more pathetic than dorks trying to act tough. It’s humiliating and makes you look like the “Cool Lutheran Youth Pastor who’s ‘down’ with the ‘kids.'” It’s Al Gore’s brown suit, only worse. It’s Dukakis in the tank. When you’re Paul Lynde, you shouldn’t try to be Chuck Liddell.


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One Response to Fight Fiercely, Barack

  1. majormaddog says:

    I’m not going to agree with you because: 1) what fun would that be; and 2) I’m a partisan Democrat who will reflexively defend my Democratic President just like Republicans did for Bush (see here for a bit about how the Republicans are worse, or maybe it’s better, at this –

    And another Drum link while I’m at it – I didn’t see the video clip over here, so I don’t know about the context issue that Drum talks about in his post, but I agree with his other sentiment. I’ve gone on before about how the Democrats should play politics more like Republicans. The caveat to that is, though, you should still play it on Democratic terms. They’re letting the Republicans dictate the terms here. It’s not that Obama can’t be a tough guy if he needs to be – look at his excessive use of Predator strikes in Pakistan. He just needs to set the tone as a Democrat and not play by Republican rules.

    Oh, and one more thing to disagree with. It’s not possible to be less convincing than Sarah Palin.

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