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In Which the Professor Goes Shopping and Offers a Reading Assignment

A year or two ago, I was watching BookTV on CSPAN2 and saw a young African-American woman, a journalist named Cora Daniels, discussing her then-new book, Ghettonation. She was talking about what we consider “ghetto” behavior and how it seems … Continue reading

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Hijab and False Choices

As I was spending too much time online today, a friend of mine linked to an article at CNN via Krista Bremer, a North Carolina woman with a Libyan-born husband, was recently surprised when her nine-year-old daughter opted to … Continue reading

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The Siren Song of Servility

One of the dilemmas that folks like me have to face from time to time when we complain about what we see as totalitarian incursions into our private lives is the argument that in a republic with democratic trappings like … Continue reading

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Manly Anteaters

The University of California at Irvine is probably best known for its mascot — the mighty anteater — despite having hosted three Nobel laureates. (Granted, Nobels seem to be a touch devalued these days — Dario Fo, anyone?) However, I’m … Continue reading

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Leapin’ Lizards!

An interesting chunk of pop culture is taking a final bow tomorrow, when the final installment of Little Orphan Annie runs in the remaining 20 or so papers that still carry it. That’s right — for Annie, Sandy, Daddy Warbucks … Continue reading

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Totalitarianism and the Second Deadly Sin

As I continue my self-guided tour of the work of Roger Scruton, I find that a significant portion of what I like about his work is his ability to express ideas I’ve held, but might not have been able to … Continue reading

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Derbyshire, Weissberg, and The Incredibles

When I wrap up the Scruton-fest I’ve been engaged in lately (with the occasional break for espionage), I think one of the next books I read will be Robert Weissberg’s Bad Students, Not Bad Schools. John Derbyshire, whose latest book … Continue reading

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Eating the Seed Corn Redux

So, we’re not content with borrowing against our children’s futures on a governmental level? That’s OK — we can even eliminate the middleman: Children make easy targets for [parental] identity thieves because they don’t use their own credit and likely … Continue reading

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Spiritual Obesity

Charles Murray is a writer I’ve mentioned previously, and he’s had his share of controversy over the years. One of his works that struck me with force was a lecture he delivered last year at the American Enterprise Institute. In … Continue reading

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Fight Fiercely, Barack

Someone once asked Dave Foley of The Kids in the Hall if the troupe had ever had disagreements that got violent. He said that hadn’t happened, in part because the guys were so fey — “It would be like Paul … Continue reading

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