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Seeking High Ground Amidst the Bayous

At about the time I took my current position here in Mondoville, I was offered a job at a university in the University of Louisiana system. I took this job because the Mondo County Public Schools also offered a position … Continue reading

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Obesity in the Dark Tower

There are two things you hear a lot in the faculty biz — OK, there actually quite a few, but humor me. One is when students (or their parents) say “For X thousand dollars a year, we should get whatever,” … Continue reading

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Can We Afford to Matter? Can the World Afford Us Not To?

Michael Mandelbaum is a professor at Johns Hopkins, and the author of a new book, The Frugal Superpower: America’s Global Leadership in a Cash-Strapped Era. An excerpt from the book can be found at Guernica magazine’s web page. His premise … Continue reading

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And Speaking of Rand and Misanthropy…

… This piece from McSweeney’s brings the funny. Highly recommended. H/T: Arts & Letters Daily

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Room Monitors…

I was a Good Kid in elementary school. Yeah, I was bright and all that good stuff, but I also followed directions, kept my hands to myself, and all that jazz. While some of that can probably be attributed to … Continue reading

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“Why Do They Hate Us?” Heck, Why Do We Hate Us?

Victor Davis Hanson fires off an interesting piece over at Pajamas Media, discussing the America-bashing that we find from the usual suspects in the media, the governmental classes (including those who just can’t seem to get enough of shouting mea … Continue reading

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A One-Party Coalition of No

Frequent commenter, proprietor of The Educated Imagination, and all-round swell guy Michael Happy sent me a link to a discussion with Cato Institute big shot Brink Lindsey last week. I read it and was thinking about commenting on it, but … Continue reading

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