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A Halloween Treat

A Lovecraftian Scooby-Doo episode, with Jeffrey (Herbert West, Re-Animator) Combs voicing the Bard of Arkham, and Harlan Ellison as himself. While this new series messes with S-D canon (Velma and Shaggy dating? Really?), it’s a funny episode featuring two of … Continue reading

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More News from a Former Home Town

For burglars or for worse…

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One for the Good Guys

Long-time readers may recall that I asked you to support the University of Toronto’s Centre for Comparative Literature, which was founded by my critical hero, Northrop Frye, but which was threatened by a restructuring at U of T. Apparently, it … Continue reading

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“*Choke*… Good Lord!”

As I’ve mentioned, comic books have been a part of the Mondoverse for decades. The Spawn is the third generation, and for our final Christmas, I gave my dad a hardbound collection of Vault of Horror reprints. Although I was … Continue reading

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Now, They Complain

The U.S. Department of Education has announced that it will protect students from anti-Semitism, based on Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. An article at the CHE (behind a paywall) reports that some in the educational community … Continue reading

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Prescriptions for Anxiety

When I meet someone new and they seem like someone with whom I’d like to talk, I either avoid mentioning my profession, or I simply tell them that I write. This is because I’ve learned that if I tell them … Continue reading

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Searched Warrants

When I discuss argumentation with my students, I often use Stephen Toulmin’s approach, which describes argumentative components like the claim (the big idea), the reasons that support that claim, and the warrants — the often unspoken assumptions from which the … Continue reading

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How Do You Say “Lysenko” in Farsi?

From Reuters: Iran will not allow its universities to begin teaching certain disciplines it deems too “Western,” and existing courses will be revised, a senior Education Ministry was quoted as saying Sunday.”Expansion of 12 disciplines in the social sciences like … Continue reading

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It’s Funny, Because It’s…

Well, you know.

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Jonah Goldberg calls it “Conservatives-in-the-Mist” journalism, those pieces in which an intrepid mainstream media member does a sort of anthropological study of those odd conservative beasts, and often discover (to their shock, and presumably that of their audience) that those … Continue reading

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