How Do You Say “Lysenko” in Farsi?

From Reuters:

Iran will not allow its universities to begin teaching certain disciplines it deems too “Western,” and existing courses will be revised, a senior Education Ministry was quoted as saying Sunday.”Expansion of 12 disciplines in the social sciences like law, women’s studies, human rights, management, sociology, philosophy….psychology and political sciences will be reviewed,” Abolfazl Hassani was quoted as saying in the Arman newspaper.

“These sciences’ contents are based on Western culture. The review will be the intention of making them compatible with Islamic teachings.”

On the one hand, this is still further evidence of the desperation of tyrants. On the other hand, they want to get rid of Women’s Studies, so they got that going for them, which is nice.

A point I found more interesting was that according to the article, a majority of Iranian university students are in the humanities. Consequently, I’m not surprised to see that the universities are a key source of the unrest that threatens the mullahs, and that the Iranian government further sees those fields as a threat. There’s a reason the liberal arts are called that — they’re the tools of free people, and the people with those tools aren’t going to settle for contemporary Iran.

H/T: Cato @ Liberty

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1 Response to How Do You Say “Lysenko” in Farsi?

  1. لیسېنکو is one way to say it in Farsi.

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