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How Do You Say “Lysenko” in Farsi?

From Reuters: Iran will not allow its universities to begin teaching certain disciplines it deems too “Western,” and existing courses will be revised, a senior Education Ministry was quoted as saying Sunday.”Expansion of 12 disciplines in the social sciences like … Continue reading

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It’s Funny, Because It’s…

Well, you know.

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Jonah Goldberg calls it “Conservatives-in-the-Mist” journalism, those pieces in which an intrepid mainstream media member does a sort of anthropological study of those odd conservative beasts, and often discover (to their shock, and presumably that of their audience) that those … Continue reading

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We Can Haz Cheezburgerz?

I’ve alluded to this before, but I’m overweight. I mean, I’m really big — although I’m also 6′ 4″, which makes it marginally less obvious that smaller medievalists fall into orbit when they get too close. (Because they’re medievalists, by … Continue reading

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Gee, There’s a Shock…

You are a Social Liberal (71% permissive) and an… Economic Conservative (80% permissive) You are best described as a: Libertarian Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid  

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Professional Courtesy

Doctor Zero looks at the resources of the State, and finds they essentially amount to compulsion via force or the threat of same. I disagree with one portion of his argument: The State is the only source of compulsion in … Continue reading

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P.J. Strikes Again

A colleague of mine has observed that if the GOP is the party of the rich, they should presumably be interested in making more people rich, so as to increase their power base. And what would the corollary be for … Continue reading

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