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Reasons to Win the Lottery, Part MCMLXVI

My next car. And yes, it has the flamethrower exhaust. H/T: Ace.

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Scholarships to Real Life

Oddly enough for someone in my line of work, I try not to overestimate the value of higher education. Don’t get me wrong — I think higher ed is a wonderful thing, and I’d like to think that what I … Continue reading

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Quirky CanCon Videos

Hawksley Workman — Jealous of Your Cigarette. Although not nearly as high-concept as OK Go, I find this video to have the same sort of offbeat charm as their stuff. Neil Young and the Shocking Pinks — Wanderin’. This was … Continue reading

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A Public Service Announcement

Dear Lady who was in front of me at the supermarket, trying to use frequent shopper points to get a discount on a six-pack of beer at 7:30 a.m.: It may be time to look for a meeting. Thank you.

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I’ve taught the story referenced in this post. Suddenly, I feel much more satisfied with mere befuddlement.

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The Joystick of Perseverance?

Prof. Nokes at Unlocked Wordhoard links to an interesting article by Jeremiah Leif Johnson that argues, as its title indicates, that (Video) Games are Modern Morality Plays. Johnson has done his research, citing Robert Potter’s seminal work on the moralities, … Continue reading

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Alpha Males and the Wife of Bath

At Phi Beta Cons, Carol Iannone mentions a recent study that suggests that women may actually choose mates who are disposed toward altruism, rather than selfishness. Iannone sees the result as unsurprising, and adds: Many humans are attracted to members … Continue reading

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