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Ed Gein’s Courtly Love

From a paper on Lanval: “He could only be with his love in small fragments.”

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Grading Research Papers

… back when I can’t stand any more.

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Nuke Us? It’s the Only Way to Be Sure

As I’ve said recently, doing the blog thing has allowed me to virtually meet some neat people. For example, I’m pretty sure my dad would have liked The Silicon Graybeard. Anyone who builds his own AR-15 would have been OK … Continue reading

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“Eat the Salad.”

If the President ever tried this with the First Lady, I hope the Secret Service was handy. (Not to be a conspiracy buff or anything, but it might explain his recent “basketball injury.“) To borrow a phrase from P.J. O’Rourke, … Continue reading

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Rocks in the Stream

As I mentioned yesterday, I re-established contact with someone to whom I hadn’t spoken in twenty years (one of the nicer things about the Interwebz — the reconnection, not the not-speaking.) Over the years, like most of us, she has … Continue reading

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Back to Mondoville

Back at home after too many days on the road, taking care of unpleasant responsibilities balanced by some time with Mrs. M’s family, a reconnection with someone I never thought I’d hear from again, and a visit last night to … Continue reading

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Art, Atlatls, and Armaments

Was Michelangelo’s David packing, even without a fig leaf? Perhaps, suggest a couple of art historians. They contend that the statue may have originally been holding the base of a staff sling called a fustibal, which they compare to a … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Weekend

The spouse, spawn, and I will be leaving this evening for the Thanksgiving jaunt, although I’m feeling less-than-jaunty about some of the things I’ll have to do during that time (and that’s before I come home to about 70 term … Continue reading

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Anniversaries and Going Medieval on the Beatles

As we all know (at least, those of us who are currently aware of the date, as opposed to folks like me who often simply regard days in terms of working/not working), today is the 47th anniversary of three deaths, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to…

Stan Musial, who turns 90 today. Before I moved to the Cincinnati area, I had relatives who lived in the St. Louis area, so the Cardinals (baseball and football) were my favorite pro sports teams in my youth. Because I … Continue reading

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