Nuke Us? It’s the Only Way to Be Sure

As I’ve said recently, doing the blog thing has allowed me to virtually meet some neat people. For example, I’m pretty sure my dad would have liked The Silicon Graybeard. Anyone who builds his own AR-15 would have been OK with Dad, and I’m pretty sure he would have liked SG’s take on solving our oil issues as well, not least because I seem to remember his approval of a Heinlein story (“Over the Rainbow”, in which the first African-American President was competent — these days, that’s what we call a counterfactual) that took a similar position.

And that position? Nuclear power. As SG notes (and as RAH observed), the Navy has been using it for quite some time, with no problems. Which leads us to his self-described modest proposal:

Although there are undoubtedly restrictions on the ability to buy [A4W reactors, the sort used on USS Nimitz], let’s assume the legislation to allow them to be sold to private concerns could be passed.  The only thing that would prevent wide scale construction and distribution of these reactors is the public’s irrational fear of nuclear power.  The expertise to manage them is widespread, with many Navy veterans having run them successfully.  More can be trained with the existing Navy training materials and classes.

It’s an interesting idea, and unlike, say, wind or solar power, we know that nuclear power is efficient and effective. It’s worth considering.

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3 Responses to Nuke Us? It’s the Only Way to Be Sure

  1. The navy nukes are very well trained and have never had a nuclear accident. It is a proven technology.

  2. majormaddog says:

    I’m struck by SG’s comment about “the public’s irrational fear of nuclear power.” Two things come to mind. First, if the comment were made by someone on the Left, no doubt some pundit on the right would comment about the elitism of that Leftist commenter and how he clearly just wants to force what he thinks is best on people. I mean almost like a fascist or something. Irrational fear indeed. And second, is SG trying to point out how folx on the left are demagoguing an issue (regardless of what the science actually says) because they disagree ideologically with that issue? Because, if so, I wonder when he looks in the mirror whether James Inhofe (and other global warming deniers) stare back at him.

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