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Thanksgiving Weekend

The spouse, spawn, and I will be leaving this evening for the Thanksgiving jaunt, although I’m feeling less-than-jaunty about some of the things I’ll have to do during that time (and that’s before I come home to about 70 term … Continue reading

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Anniversaries and Going Medieval on the Beatles

As we all know (at least, those of us who are currently aware of the date, as opposed to folks like me who often simply regard days in terms of working/not working), today is the 47th anniversary of three deaths, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to…

Stan Musial, who turns 90 today. Before I moved to the Cincinnati area, I had relatives who lived in the St. Louis area, so the Cardinals (baseball and football) were my favorite pro sports teams in my youth. Because I … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon Videos

The Five Americans — “Western Union” and “I See the Light.” Two tracks from these Texas garage boys. The first one was the hit, and is a slice of garage-pop so sweet you’ll need an insulin shot. The second one … Continue reading

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OK, I Can Die Now. Well, No, But Still…

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time with Lawrence Block, one of my favorite writers. In (to quote Harlan Ellison quoting Dorothy Parker) a display of chutzpah that belongs in the Smithsonian, I sent him … Continue reading

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There Will Be Blood

A short-short story of mine has been published at TAC. Give it a read — I hope you enjoy it. I lack the ego to categorize this under “literature.”

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A Philippic for President Philip

I’ve talked before about SUNY-Albany’s decision to cut a number of its humanities programs. However, I only wish I had written the smackdown that Gregory Petsko, a professor of biochemistry at Brandeis, fired off to Albany’s president, George M. Philip. … Continue reading

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