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But What If He Donates A Kidney?

Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico has decided not to pardon Billy the Kid. Apparently, Billy (the Kid, not the governor)’s supporters claim that the governor of the then-territory had promised the outlaw a pardon in exchange for testimony, but … Continue reading

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On Prisoners’ Dilemmas

There’s an interesting story at CNN today. Two sisters serving life sentences for taking part in an $11.00 robbery are being released after sixteen years’ imprisonment. But there’s a catch. One of the sisters receives dialysis three times a week, … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Making a Reservation in Hell…

A Pennsylvania biped steals a videogame from an open casket at a teen’s funeral.

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… have come into my possession of late, as a result of things Christmassy. A recap, with comments: Print: I picked up The Middle English Breton Lays, from the TEAMS series. I haven’t read as many of these as I … Continue reading

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Imaginary Exiles

I think this ties in with my earlier post on “getting above your raising.” One of the ways in which that academic/elite mindset manifests is bicoastalism — the idea that the only life of quality is the one that’s found … Continue reading

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Doomed. Doomed, I Say…

CNN Poll: 67% of polled Republicans say they would support a Mike Huckabee presidential bid in 2012. I think I’ll just go ahead and hit myself in the groin with a meat tenderizer now. H/T: Gabriel Malor, via Ace.

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Quotes of the Day

… both come from the studio version of this Shangri-Las classic: “He’s good-bad, but he’s not evil.” and “How does he dance?” “Close. Very, very close.” (I’m guessing they couldn’t do that line on TV. — Prof. M.) Shangri-La Mary … Continue reading

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Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers!

(This post title comes from a song by Focus, who are better known for this song. End of gratuitous prog plug.) There’s a hacky bit of stand-up in which the comic asks questions that are supposed to elicit laughs by … Continue reading

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“Getting Above Your Raising”: A Long Post

“I got an image, out of control./ Identity crisises.” — Alice Cooper, “Identity Crisis.” Last week I posted some thoughts on the music I listen to, and Quid Plura‘s proprietor was sharp enough to note an underlying issue: [Y]ou hint … Continue reading

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For Your Consideration…

… while I hate having to think about stuff like the pending U.S. health care disaster in the Christmas/New Year’s season, I suppose that’s why the government weasels this crap in at this time of year. So I call Alpheus’s … Continue reading

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