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Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers!

(This post title comes from a song by Focus, who are better known for this song. End of gratuitous prog plug.) There’s a hacky bit of stand-up in which the comic asks questions that are supposed to elicit laughs by … Continue reading

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“Getting Above Your Raising”: A Long Post

“I got an image, out of control./ Identity crisises.” — Alice Cooper, “Identity Crisis.” Last week I posted some thoughts on the music I listen to, and Quid Plura‘s proprietor was sharp enough to note an underlying issue: [Y]ou hint … Continue reading

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For Your Consideration…

… while I hate having to think about stuff like the pending U.S. health care disaster in the Christmas/New Year’s season, I suppose that’s why the government weasels this crap in at this time of year. So I call Alpheus’s … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day!

It’s a quarter til 10, and the Puppy of Perdition and I are the only ones awake. A rare snow is falling in Mondoville, displaying the typical Southern hospitality by melting on the pavement but making everything else look pretty. … Continue reading

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A Christmas Devotional

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had been asked to take part in our college’s Advent devotional series this year, and that I had contributed two pieces. As it happens, I was assigned the piece for Christmas Day, … Continue reading

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A Bit More Christmas Music

Perhaps my favorite rock Christmas song (and thanks to Quid Plura for the quote that reminded me.) See you tomorrow!

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Yuletide at the Mondos

I’m sitting in the living room, listening to Little Steven’s Underground Garage channel while Mrs. M finishes up the turkey and dressing so that we don’t have to fuss about it tomorrow. Last night, the Mondettes and I watched Batman … Continue reading

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