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I Think I’m Offended…

So I’m watching American Pickers on the Hitler History Channel, and they’re visiting an older gentleman in my home state of Tennessee. That’s fine, but I’m a little galled that they found it necessary to subtitle him. Hell, he’s probably … Continue reading

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The Charms of Simple Tastes…

Living in Mondoville means that my shopping choices are limited. The downside is that there’s no snob appeal in shopping at VoldeMart. The upside? No painful breakups.

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Do As I Say…

… Not as I do. H/T: Ace.

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Set the Wayback Machine for 1990…

…the Spawn has found our next vacation destination. A couple of highlights: [T]he director of the emergency room at a nearby hospital said they treated from five to ten victims of park accidents on some of the busiest days, and … Continue reading

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Today’s Haul

Today’s run to Real City actually had a target, and I’m pleased to report that I scored a copy of C.J. Sansom’s latest Matthew Shardlake mystery, Heartstone. It comes in at about 600 pages, but I’ll get cracking on it … Continue reading

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QOTD Contender

…comes from Tim Cavanaugh, on the resilience of the Mubarak government: In a world where you can’t even count on The New York Times to go out of business, you can never underestimate the ability of a discredited institution to … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner — Creepy Edition

  As I was thinking about the adjunctification of my profession recently, I was reminded of one of my favorite poems, by one of my favorite poets. Robinson is, for my money, one of the great portraitists in American poetry, … Continue reading

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