Whitewash? Really?

A talking point that seems to be rattling around the sinestrosphere is that we should call shenanigans on the GOP for having read the Constitution in its current form, rather than including things like the 18th Amendment and the often-misunderstood 3/5 clause. Some of the more visible exponents of this theory include Dahlia Lithwick at Slate, who is to punditry what thalidomide babies are to juggling, and Dana Milbank at WaPo.

The Gormogons’ Ghettoputer examines their crankiness and suggests possible motives for the kerfuffle. You should read what he has to say. It’ll be beamed directly into your brain soon enough.


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3 Responses to Whitewash? Really?

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  2. Andrew Stevens says:

    Dahlia Lithwick at Slate, who is to punditry what thalidomide babies are to juggling

    Great line. Made my morning.

  3. dave schutz says:

    I forget whose line it was, but it’s a good one: most of this stuff is people grunting to indicate they are with the program, delivering the latest line. This seems to me true both of the dextrosphere and the sinestrosphere – when was the last time Krauthammer really surprised me in a column? Lithwick is not going to make things uncomfortable for the tribe with which she has associated herself. But she’s no worse than Krugman, or EJ Dionne. I think she’s less worse, maybe, has more real content to think about, than Bob Herbert.

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