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Standards Aweigh?

An interesting story in today’s Chronicle of Higher Ed: Bruce E. Fleming, a tenured English professor at the U.S. Naval Academy spoke out a couple of years ago, criticizing what he saw as the Academy’s undue emphasis on affirmative action. … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Wants to Swing the Big Hammer

The junior Senator from my former home state takes budget-cutting seriously. Talking Points Memo reports he will be introducing a bill that will cut the federal budget by a half-trillion dollars between now and September. Some of the highlights? It … Continue reading

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Another Quote of the Day Contender

… comes from Jerry Pournelle, who notes: [P]lanetary history has shown that vast powerful central bureaucracies don’t generally produce either general welfare or freedom or wealth[.] H/T: Transterrestrial Musings.

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Yep, I’d Read It…

Dr. Boli alerts us to a work that combines a popular medieval genre with an eternal concern.

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Forward Into the Past

A Wisconsin doctor is engaged in an interesting experiment in his small town. He doesn’t accept insurance — his clinic runs on a straight fee-for-service arrangement. Need a 15-minute checkup? That’ll be $39. The rates are set right where the … Continue reading

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An Early Contender for Quote of the Day

… comes from Jay Nordlinger at the Corner: I wish the president of the United States would stop telling us what we need to tell our kids. He can parent his own damn kids.

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Further Adventures With Frosh

Some of my kids take notes using the old fashioned paper-pencil method, while others use their computers. This is an invitation to distraction, I know, but I’m not prepared to shut everyone down because some folks abuse their technology. However, … Continue reading

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In Which the Major Puts Us Some Knowledge

Because lots of the people I know are musicians and academics, I hear a lot from various folks in the sinestrosphere. Lately, I’ve noticed that a number of them have been in freakout mode over the treatment of accused WikiLeaker … Continue reading

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Lunch Conversation of the Day…

Student: Sorry I didn’t show up for class this morning. Did we do anything important? Prof. Mondo: No. When we realized you weren’t going to be there, we just turned out the lights and sat, moaning softly.  

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I Had Forgotten This One…

Back when I was whiling away my days in a magazine’s veal-fattening pen, a movie came out called The Last Supper. Turns out it’s been revived as a play, and given the recent consideration of political discourse these days, Shannon … Continue reading

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