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At Inside Higher Ed, Stephen Brockmann, a prof of German at Carnegie Mellon, offers an essay that is in part an obituary for the academic humanities and an indictment of academia’s (and the larger culture’s) negligence in allowing the death … Continue reading

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Once Again…

I think that some of the best pure writing on the Web may be found at Image. If I teach creative non-fiction at some point, it will be required reading. For your consideration, I offer Andy Whitman’s account of an … Continue reading

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Rand’s Hammer Redux

Jerry at Common Sense and Wonder lays out the specifics of Rand Paul’s $500B slash-and-burn. There’s lots of good stuff there (although I still think there’s more value in a gradualist approach), but one line item in particular struck me: … Continue reading

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Standards Aweigh?

An interesting story in today’s Chronicle of Higher Ed: Bruce E. Fleming, a tenured English professor at the U.S. Naval Academy spoke out a couple of years ago, criticizing what he saw as the Academy’s undue emphasis on affirmative action. … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Wants to Swing the Big Hammer

The junior Senator from my former home state takes budget-cutting seriously. Talking Points Memo reports he will be introducing a bill that will cut the federal budget by a half-trillion dollars between now and September. Some of the highlights? It … Continue reading

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Another Quote of the Day Contender

… comes from Jerry Pournelle, who notes: [P]lanetary history has shown that vast powerful central bureaucracies don’t generally produce either general welfare or freedom or wealth[.] H/T: Transterrestrial Musings.

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Yep, I’d Read It…

Dr. Boli alerts us to a work that combines a popular medieval genre with an eternal concern.

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