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In Which the Prof Moves Into a Second Home

I’m now officially a regular contributor at The American Culture, Sam Karnick’s webzine. My debut takes the form of a review of a terrific power pop EP from P.T. Walkley. You can find it here.

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Midnight in the Garden of Thin Mints and Samoas

Via CNN, the Savannah Morning News reports that the city of Savannah has ordered the Girl Scouts to stop selling their cookies at the intersection of Oglethorpe Ave. and Bull Street — which incidentally is the site of the home … Continue reading

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Content Discontent

Because I teach (among other things) early British literature, I find I have to spend more time on background than on the literature itself. It isn’t just the detail stuff you might expect either — there’s a profound deficit of … Continue reading

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Doin’ That Shopping Thing

Or more accurately, did it yesterday. The Mondoville Bud and I headed down to Real City, and things were bought, including some specialty drumsticks for me and a bass rig for him. While there, I decided that if I wanted … Continue reading

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Travel Advice…

The nice folks at the New English Review‘s blog offer useful advice for folks visiting Britain. If you’re heading there any time soon, be sure to let me know how helpful it is. Why, this piece alone is worth its … Continue reading

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Rotten with Perfection

Mrs. M, the Spawn, and I met with her guidance counselor to plan her courses for ninth grade next year. As I’ve mentioned before, students here essentially have to declare a major, although I get the impression that pragmatically, it’s … Continue reading

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On Grieving

At Athens & Jerusalem, Withywindle uses Flavia’s meditations on the grieving process as a springboard for some thoughts of his own. Since Withy was kind enough to namecheck my Fryedolatry, I reckon I may as well join in the discussion. … Continue reading

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One for the Good Guys…

The schmuck who threatened Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the South Park episode allegedly depicting Mohammed in a bear suit has been sentenced to 25 years in the joint for charges that included material support for terrorism, communicating threats, … Continue reading

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Think of It as a Safety Net…

Dr. Boli offers a “Fable[…] for Children Who Are Too Old to Believe in Fables”.

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I’ve Been in the Business Too Long…

A student wrote about a “country love song” she had heard, and on first reading, I thought she had written “courtly love song.” I should have figured it out sooner — twelfth-century troubadours didn’t usually mention their trucks.

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