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One for the Good Guys…

The schmuck who threatened Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the South Park episode allegedly depicting Mohammed in a bear suit has been sentenced to 25 years in the joint for charges that included material support for terrorism, communicating threats, … Continue reading

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Think of It as a Safety Net…

Dr. Boli offers a “Fable[…] for Children Who Are Too Old to Believe in Fables”.

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I’ve Been in the Business Too Long…

A student wrote about a “country love song” she had heard, and on first reading, I thought she had written “courtly love song.” I should have figured it out sooner — twelfth-century troubadours didn’t usually mention their trucks.

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An Observation on Wisconsin, Indiana, and Academia

Because I’m an academic, I spend a great deal of time in the real or virtual company of other academics. For example, many of my facebook friends are in the higher ed racket, and given the general slant of academia, … Continue reading

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I Think, Therefore I Am… Regulated?

“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” — Neil Peart, noted legal theorist and drummer for Rush. How much grease must we pour on the slope before we concede that it is slippery? One of … Continue reading

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Not SpinArt… SpawnArt

The Spawn’s interest in a comics career has been an occasional theme here, and at her request, I’m offering a link to her page at deviantART, where she intends to showcase her characters and assorted other art stuff. You can … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner: Hopkins

Gerard Manley Hopkins is one of those guys who gets smarter every time I read him. So here’s a short, well known one of his that matches my mood from the other night. I particularly love the almost Anglo-Saxon effect … Continue reading

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