Astonish Me.

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5 Responses to Astonish Me.

  1. Noelle says:

    Sturgeon’s Law seems rather generous to me in this case–I’d be tempted to put it at something like 95%.

    Speaking as someone who struggles to be at least a decent wordslinger, though, I think that part of why I find myself almost never writing characters who explicitly share my beliefs is that I can’t quite figure out how to do it without ending up with a sermon (vide the ninetymumble percent) instead of a story.

  2. Kate Marie says:

    This is right on, Prof. It’s remarkable how un-subversive of elite culture most serious writers of literary fiction tend to be. I think Marilynne Robinson is an exception, though, at least with respect to her treatment of traditional religion. Have you read Gilead? It’s a serious and respectful treatment of traditional religion by a wordslinger of the highest order.

  3. Fencing Bear says:

    Hear, hear! And, yes, Marilynn Robinson! She spoke here in Chicago a few weeks ago–wonderful! Someone who takes religion and American culture very seriously; even better, takes American religious culture seriously in a way that makes religion central to what America means, even in what most university folks consider central.

  4. ricki says:

    Heh. I like that Sharyn McCrumb line. That seems to fit most of my forays into “modern lit-fic.” Or, as I once complained to a friend: “Why are there so many people cheating on their spouses/lovers and then being surprised that bad things result from that?”

    One thing that I seem to see an absence of in our mainstream culture is people who are willing to buckle down and do the hard work, to do maybe not the things they want to but to do the things that are important, being seen as anything other than losers or chumps. I doubt “It’s a Wonderful Life,” with George Baily being so self-sacrificing, could be made today…

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