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On Fair Shares

A facebook friend of mine who happens to be an academic and a liberal (almost redundant, but not quite) linked to an article bewailing the fact that GE has managed to avoid income tax liabilities for several years. I’m particularly … Continue reading

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Because Victoria’s Secret Doesn’t Sell Children’s Sizes…

Abercrombie & Fitch now offers padded bras and bikini-tops — for seven-year-olds. But really, only those Chrazy Christians would have a problem with that, right? What are ya? Repressed? Who knew musical crapmongers LFO were prophets? “Girls who wear Abercrombie … Continue reading

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One for the Reading List…

One of the interesting (by which I mean infuriating) aspects of contemporary discourse is a notion I’ve mentioned on a few occasions, the Marcusean concept of “repressive tolerance” — the idea that ideas from “wrong” (which for Marcuse meant non-progressive) … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in the True North, Strong and Free…

I recently discovered a Toronto-based blog called The Fourth Checkraise. The proprietor, Ilkka, appears to be a Finnish expat and academic — I’m thinking computer science, or at least one of the STEM fields. He also has a wicked sense … Continue reading

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Sleight of Hand Shows Beagle Remains Magical

(This post may be found at The American Culture…)

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A Sun Drop With My Parents

In a bit less than six hours, I’ll be closing on my parents’ house, which has stood vacant since the summer of 2009. My family is the only one that has lived in the house — when my folks decided … Continue reading

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On the Road…

I’ll be taking care of estate business until Saturday. Blogging will be intermittent.

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