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Meanwhile, in the True North, Strong and Free…

I recently discovered a Toronto-based blog called The Fourth Checkraise. The proprietor, Ilkka, appears to be a Finnish expat and academic — I’m thinking computer science, or at least one of the STEM fields. He also has a wicked sense … Continue reading

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Sleight of Hand Shows Beagle Remains Magical

(This post may be found at The American Culture…)

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A Sun Drop With My Parents

In a bit less than six hours, I’ll be closing on my parents’ house, which has stood vacant since the summer of 2009. My family is the only one that has lived in the house — when my folks decided … Continue reading

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On the Road…

I’ll be taking care of estate business until Saturday. Blogging will be intermittent.

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An Addition to the Stud Duck Honor Roll

Ladies and gentlemen, a man who is both an advocate and an example of the American Dream: Prof. Walter Williams.

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Thomas Nast is Dead…

… but some people haven’t received the memo. To wit, the Major approvingly quotes The Daily Worker Mother Jones’s Kevin Drum: Modern conservatives have a few simple guiding principles. Keep taxes on rich people low. Let corporations do whatever they … Continue reading

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Mind Over (and Beyond) Matter

I’ve mentioned before that I’m fond of Jeffrey Burton Russell’s series of histories of our understanding of radical evil, as represented by our changing notions of a/the devil. In particular, I find satisfaction in a section of his Mephistopheles: The … Continue reading

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Yeah, I’m Still Here…

… but between dipping my toe into a round of Gradeapalooza, a trip to Real City to buy spare parts for my bass drum pedal, and a band practice that in fact required the very spare part I had purchased … Continue reading

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Finding a Tribe

I think one of the cooler things about the Web in general and the blogosphere in particular is that it lets isolated cranks zealots people with strong opinions find their tribes. For example, consider the situation of the conservative/libertarian academic, … Continue reading

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Props to the Sonic Charmer…

… for this one. Go read it.

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