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Grading Break: Bloggiversary

It occurs to me that I started this thing one year ago today. I didn’t really have high hopes for the whole business, figuring that I’d probably post a few times and then get bored or distracted and let it … Continue reading

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What’s That Rumble?

It’s the sound of Gradeapalooza, as a pile of exams and final papers lands on me like the contents of Fibber McGee’s closet. Blogging will be scant as I dig my way out. But to tide you over, here’s The … Continue reading

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“In the Ghetto”

The best student I’ve ever had will be starting graduate school this fall. He’s been admitted directly into the Ph.D. program at Flagship U in Real City, and he has the talent and work ethic to have a much more … Continue reading

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A Few Quick Notes on the Duke of Cambridge’s Wedding

Had it been me, I think I would have asked for a title other than Duke of Cambridge — only one of the previous five made it to the throne, and a number of would-be’s died in infancy. “Jerusalem” remains … Continue reading

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Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the International Community or Something…

Apparently Superman’s writers have decided to have him renounce his American citizenship. Oddly enough, this doesn’t bother me much; after DC killed him off, I actually was upset — upset that something in which I had invested some of the … Continue reading

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Going, Going, Gone Over the Top?

Although I don’t watch tons of TV (I’m more likely to listen to it, as my satellite radio runs through my television), I’ll admit to a fascination with Antiques Roadshow and its redneck cousin, Pawn Stars. If I notice either … Continue reading

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For Your Consideration (One of an Irregular Series)

When I was in fifth grade, I competed in a 4-H public speaking contest. My speech was on the idea of comics as capital-A Art. That’s kind of taken for granted these days, when graphic novels can be named among … Continue reading

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