None Dare Call It Treason — It’s “Labor Studies.”

Signs your field may be political agitation disguised as an academic pursuit:

1) It has the word “Studies” in its name.

2) Classes are led by folks who say stuff like:

“Industrial sabotage… certainly does (have its place).”

“I can’t honestly say I haven’t been in a position where I haven’t wanted to inflict harm on somebody…”

“Violence is a tactic…”

“I believe in the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie and that freedom is found at the barrel of a gun…”

“I don’t necessarily want to be part of a capitalistic society, I want to take over the state with a revolutionary movement.”

“Is there any sort of rough guess on what percentage of the population has to be involved for something to considered a revolution instead of terrorism?”

I want to believe that this is a prank — that Breibart and crew are being punked. But I’m afraid it’s the truth. I’ll be interested in seeing if/when the Chronicle picks up on it.

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4 Responses to None Dare Call It Treason — It’s “Labor Studies.”

  1. J. Otto Pohl says:

    I would have to see the context of these quotations. Are these the opinions of the lecturer? Or is he expressing the opinions of past radicals using the first person to get the students to understand the views of past historical actors? I could see somebody doing the second without in anyway endorsing those views.

  2. Fake Herzog says:


    Speaking of the crazy academy, even closer to your field of study, I give you this peak behind the curtain.

    (HT:What’s Wrong with the World)

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