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Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Freire

In my 4C’s post from yesterday, I mentioned that some important pedagogical figures have some ‘splaining to do, specifically Peter Elbow and Paolo Freire (who is safely out of reach, being dead). In Elbow’s case, I think some of this … Continue reading

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From Academe’s Answer to The Onion

It’s funny because it’s, well…

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A Scary Story from 4C’s

In a comment on my previous post about the potentially nefarious doings in Labor Studies Land, Fake Herzog pointed me to an article at Minding the Campus. The author, Mary Grabar, dropped in on the Conference on College Composition and … Continue reading

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None Dare Call It Treason — It’s “Labor Studies.”

Signs your field may be political agitation disguised as an academic pursuit: 1) It has the word “Studies” in its name. 2) Classes are led by folks who say stuff like: “Industrial sabotage… certainly does (have its place).” “I can’t … Continue reading

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The Rules of Attraction and Action

I’ve talked before about the fact that our culture has moved away from personal responsibility and towards legalism. Interestingly, I find the people who are likely to cry that we can’t legislate morality are among the first to try. As … Continue reading

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Gained in Translation?

The Spawn received a Bible for Easter — the NIV translation, which I figure will strike a decent balance between clarity and content for my bright 14-year-old, and which is also the one my colleague in the Religion department recommends. … Continue reading

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Fair’s Fair… I Guess.

Because I have a professional interest in rhetoric and a personal interest in conservatism, I’ve read a fair amount of Richard M. Weaver. I think one of his strengths is coming up with terminology to describe concepts that everyone understands … Continue reading

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