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And Now, A Word from Blue Öyster Cult.

“History shows again and again/ How Nature points up the folly of man.” H/T: Somewhat Reasonable.

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“They Look Just Like Humans, at Kresge’s and Woolworth’s…”

Dropping in on Ricki’s Rants and Rambles, I noticed that in her Memorial Day post, she said: We wore our uniforms, most of us got to carry small flags, and, as part of the traditional flag etiquette (or at least, … Continue reading

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With Gratitude, on Memorial Day

Maj. Warren S. Moore, Sr., USA (1914-61, WW II, Korea) Sgt. James Michial Moore, USA (1949-69, KIA, Vietnam) A1C Warren S. Moore, Jr., USAF (1943-2009, Vietnam era) And from last year: Archibald MacLeish was an ambulance driver and artilleryman in … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Discovers Someone Else Has the Same Nightmare That He Does…

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Interesting People…

Peter S. Beagle described one of his characters, Joe Farrell, as being a magnet for Ancient Mariners — the eccentrics and oddballs who just walk up to you and tell you about their habits of swallowing glass/building Pietas out of … Continue reading

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One Last Stroll on Familiar Ground

(This post may be found at The American Culture…)

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Good Stuff at the WSJ This Weekend

… and in other news, Titanic overdue in port. Yeah, I know, it’s a strictly dog-bites-man headline, but it’s still true. I’ve mentioned before that although the Major and I genuinely love each other, we proceed from some very different … Continue reading

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Making Connections

On my final exams, I frequently ask my students why they should be expected to know — or care —  about the literature my colleagues and I teach. I usually get answers about being a well rounded person, or understanding … Continue reading

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Shameless Pluggery

My best friend/foil The Major’s band, The White Hot, is playing a gig this good eve in Falls Church, VA, at a place called Bangkok Blues. The show starts at 10. Because Statmeter tells me that at least some of … Continue reading

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It’s a Shaggs-tastic World

Long-time readers may recall my fondness for one of the umm… quirkier bands in rock history: The Shaggs. The Gypsy Scholar informs us of a recent NYT article about the pride of Fremont, NH, including the fact that there is … Continue reading

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