Idiocracy and Class War…

Occasionally, I wonder why many of the same people who extol the teaching of evolution (as I do) and laugh at those who don’t (at which point I part company — who am I to declare what methods God can use?) are so quick to condemn what they call “social Darwinism.” From where I stand, Tennyson was right — Nature is red in fang and claw, and the notion of equality (other than before the law) is proven fictive every day. Why would this not play out on the human level — individually and civilizationally — as well? As John Derbyshire has often asked, if we assume that species evolve, even if only on the micro level, why do we refuse to consider that human not only have evolved, but continue to do so?

One answer to that, of course, is that some adherents to forms of this theory (from advocates for the Aryan ubermensch to fans of the New Socialist Man) are responsible for some of the greatest evils of history. Having recognized that, we’ve seen that the movie hasn’t ended well and we’re reluctant to reboot the franchise. More darkly, it may be that too many of us realize that, if there is an ubermensch, it ain’t us, so best to shut up about it and hope that no one else notices. Heck, I can’t even handle a leaf blower

Still, taking this sort of evolutionary view of human conduct on the wholesale level can be provocative, and it is with that idea in mind that I point you to an essay by Brett Stevens, which argues that while there may be a class war, it’s likely being fought in a surprising direction. Thoughts?

H/T: The Fourth Checkraise, who is sharing the linky love again.

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11 Responses to Idiocracy and Class War…

  1. David WL says:

    There are at least two pieces of data that Stevens isn’t considering: the high abortion rate among the lower class (esp. blacks), and the high birth rate among religiously traditional family, see for a brief summary.

    There’s apparently some hard data on the
    , although the essay is behind a pay firewall.
    (I apologize in advance if all the links were not formatted correctly.)

  2. David WL says:

    A complicated posting got eaten. So two words: abortion and religion

    The poor, especially the black under-class, have a lot of abortions.

    I’ll keep the links simple.

    On religion:

    On the reproductive rate of the wealthy, one can search for “The Reproductive Success of Wealthy Americans” by a Susan M. Essock-Vitale (it’s behind pay wall).

  3. David WL says:

    Can you find it by searching for “Atheists a dying breed as nature ‘favours faithful'”?

  4. David WL says:

    “Amerika” gives a provocative vision of an anti-utilitarian traditionalism, but flawed both in its failure to understand (to sound like a Marxist) the internal contradictions of the affluent elites, and to recognize the self-renewing powers of American Christianity (which has influenced all other religions which have come to this soil).

    Furthermore, the Perennial Philosophy it touts as the spiritual foundation of this traditionalism is itself non-traditional (being the invention of post-Christian elites), and utilitarian. The notion that a neo-Hindu mysticism can ground a renewed vision of the worth of the individual in a new scientific age is astoundingly nonsensical. (My specialty is world religions and philosophy.)

    • profmondo says:

      I haven’t examined the site that deeply yet, and as I said, I found the essay interesting largely as a conversation starter. Thanks for your breakdown.

  5. majormaddog says:

    No comment on the article or the discussion, but I note just for interest’s sake. Or because it strikes me as funny how the site uses cyrillic letters to spell Amerika. In transliteration, that’d be “Dmeyaikd.”

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