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Making Connections

On my final exams, I frequently ask my students why they should be expected to know — or care —  about the literature my colleagues and I teach. I usually get answers about being a well rounded person, or understanding … Continue reading

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Shameless Pluggery

My best friend/foil The Major’s band, The White Hot, is playing a gig this good eve in Falls Church, VA, at a place called Bangkok Blues. The show starts at 10. Because Statmeter tells me that at least some of … Continue reading

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It’s a Shaggs-tastic World

Long-time readers may recall my fondness for one of the umm… quirkier bands in rock history: The Shaggs. The Gypsy Scholar informs us of a recent NYT article about the pride of Fremont, NH, including the fact that there is … Continue reading

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You Know You’re in Mondoville When…

…you see the following facebook update from a female student: Student XX likes † Jesus † and Remington Arms Company. Yeah, I’m where I need to be.

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In the course of our current wars in Afghanistan and (especially) Iraq, I’ve noticed that folks like Bush and Rumsfeld have been pilloried in hindsight for their alleged belief that the people in those places would embrace both American liberators … Continue reading

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My Favorite Song This Week…

… is “Harm’s Way”, from Austin, TX’s The Ugly Beats. It’s the first half of this two-song medley, and I hear traces of Gene Pitney and Del Shannon here. In an alternate universe, it would have been the theme song … Continue reading

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Another Plug for Cardinal Newman

I’ve made no secret of my fondness for Newman’s Idea of a University, and I’m glad to see others pointing in his direction as well. That brings me to an essay by Craig Bernthal, a prof at Fresno State. In … Continue reading

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