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From My Cold, Dead, and Callused Hands!

I refer of course to the serial/Oxford comma, which is the difference between “A, B, and C” and “A, B and C.” Apparently, even an Oxford style guide has dropped it from usage, except where absolutely required for clarity. Some … Continue reading

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Withering Blights

Like a lot of folks, I first read Wuthering Heights when I was in a high school English class. I was less than impressed. I found the writing style laborious, the use of dialect almost impenetrable, and the characters appalling. … Continue reading

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And Michael Vick Named Head of PETA…

Guess who‘s now president of the UN’s Conference on Disarmament? In honor of the occasion… H/T: The Corner.

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It’s Nice that New York Wants Out of Your Bedroom…

… but can we get them out of our guts and lungs as well? I think people need information in order to make their own decisions, but there’s a difference between informing and hectoring. And as always, remember the Lewis … Continue reading

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Michael Potemra is En Fuego.

I quoted him the other day here in the wake of the same-sex marriage biz in New York State. He’s caught some heat for his position, but along the way, he’s found that one of his ostensible supporters argues that … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, at my Second Home…

Sam Karnick has some trenchant comments on the demise of one of my favorite TV shows —  Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Sam had some serious issues with the series, and while I don’t require my entertainment to match my … Continue reading

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QotD — Sophist Edition

Over at The American Spectator, James Bowman considers the gulf between pundits on the left and right, and provides his take: In short, reality itself has become multiple and proprietary. It’s now “my reality” or “your reality.” Instead of meaning … Continue reading

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