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From My Cold, Dead, and Callused Hands!

I refer of course to the serial/Oxford comma, which is the difference between “A, B, and C” and “A, B and C.” Apparently, even an Oxford style guide has dropped it from usage, except where absolutely required for clarity. Some … Continue reading

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Withering Blights

Like a lot of folks, I first read Wuthering Heights when I was in a high school English class. I was less than impressed. I found the writing style laborious, the use of dialect almost impenetrable, and the characters appalling. … Continue reading

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And Michael Vick Named Head of PETA…

Guess who‘s now president of the UN’s Conference on Disarmament? In honor of the occasion… H/T: The Corner.

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It’s Nice that New York Wants Out of Your Bedroom…

… but can we get them out of our guts and lungs as well? I think people need information in order to make their own decisions, but there’s a difference between informing and hectoring. And as always, remember the Lewis … Continue reading

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Michael Potemra is En Fuego.

I quoted him the other day here in the wake of the same-sex marriage biz in New York State. He’s caught some heat for his position, but along the way, he’s found that one of his ostensible supporters argues that … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, at my Second Home…

Sam Karnick has some trenchant comments on the demise of one of my favorite TV shows —  Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Sam had some serious issues with the series, and while I don’t require my entertainment to match my … Continue reading

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QotD — Sophist Edition

Over at The American Spectator, James Bowman considers the gulf between pundits on the left and right, and provides his take: In short, reality itself has become multiple and proprietary. It’s now “my reality” or “your reality.” Instead of meaning … Continue reading

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If One Doesn’t Work, the Other Might…

I had to swing by Wal-Mart in Real City today, and as I was browsing the book/magazine section, I saw: This book. Next to it, I saw: This book. Perhaps the Greater Mondoville Area is more exciting than I thought.

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Victims’ Rights?

At The American Scholar, William Deresiewicz puts forth a proposition: There’s no such thing as victims’ rights. More than that, our whole idea of criminal justice, as it emerged in ancient Athens, is built upon their negation. The belief that … Continue reading

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Neophiilism and Isolation, or “Is Facebook Hell”?

At NRO this morning, Matthew Shaffer looks at cultural trends and covers some ground I’ve been plowing of late. He’s talking about the fact that much of modern society seems driven toward isolation. When we assume that certain people (the … Continue reading

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