Meanwhile, at my Second Home…

Sam Karnick has some trenchant comments on the demise of one of my favorite TV shows —  Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Sam had some serious issues with the series, and while I don’t require my entertainment to match my politics, I think he makes some interesting points. Check it out, and join in the conversation if you’re so inclined.

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3 Responses to Meanwhile, at my Second Home…

  1. J. Otto Pohl says:

    Criminal Intent was least favorite series of the franchise. I liked the original Law and Order the best, and I thought SVU had some good episodes. SVU was probably the most political series of the franchise. While the original Law and Order certainly had a liberal political bias the writers chosen by Wolf were much more sophisticated than most television writers.

  2. Chan S. says:

    Hmmm. I get that TV shows are written by and for coastal elites, and that it can be a short tempting skip from authority into authoritarianism for those vested with coercive power by the state (multiple scare quotes withheld). I just don’t think LOCI is Exhibit A for either of those issues. Goren is pretty clearly an autodidact (some of his best moments are when he gets to factcheck credentialed intellectuals), and Eames is generally eye-rollingly impatient with intellectualism (pseudo or otherwise). Some of the later seasons’ scripts have had moments where the characters are written (in out-of-character ways) to play to the right sort (Goren in the Gitmo episode, Eames when she’s given Bryn-Mawr-feminist type lines), and the writers’ predilection for making men of the cloth or Wall Street their recurrent stock villains is just plain laziness. As for the authoritarianism – uh, it is a police show. The show’s not about Goren and Eames seeking self-aggrandizement as soldiers (cogs, tools, whatev) for that larger cause. It’s how they each make their way through things in their solitary way, with the good fortune of being matched as partners. Eames always drives, Eames uses the deadly force, and Goren’s the smartest one in the room, except when Eames is in it. (Sorry for turning this into a fan board. It was a little noisy at the other place, and I can see how those not under the spell of Goren/VDO would find LOCI pretty irritating.)

    • profmondo says:

      I don’t mind. We watch all the L&Os at Spackle Manor, and Goren has been a favorite character of three generations of Mondos, from my mom (who called him “The Smelling Guy”) to the Spawn (who remains adamant that SVU’s “UnStabler” is at least as freaked out as half the folks he busts). I just can’t help sympathizing with an off-kilter smart guy. I wonder why…

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