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Get Off My Lawn.

Miss Self-Important alerts us to yet another NYT piece that will tug at your heartstrings, assuming that you’ve suffered massive head trauma recently. The article discusses the phenomenon of “job jugglers” — twentysomethings working long hours at a variety of … Continue reading

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QotD — Kapok Edition

This one comes from Dan Mitchell, via Cato: Life is filled with risk. We can deal with that two ways. The first option is to allow people to make educated choices, thus promoting individual responsibility. The second option is to … Continue reading

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Gunga Din, The Prioress, and Scarlett O’Hara Walk Into a Bar…

CNN reports that Thursday will mark the 75th anniversary of the publication of Gone With the Wind, and love for the novel and the movie based on it still seems to be going strong. Fans dubbed “Windies” (because as one … Continue reading

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Homogamy and Diversity

Although I typically lean right by reason and temperament, my libertarianism leads me away from some conservatives on the matter of gay marriage. As the old joke goes, “Why shouldn’t they be as miserable as the rest of us?” My … Continue reading

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The Brighter Side of a Less-Than-Inspiring GOP Field

Over at what Morgan Freeberg calls the Hello Kitty of Blogging, my buddy the Major has been doing a certain amount of pre-2012 woofing regarding what he sees as the inevitability of Obama’s re-election (Slogan: “Maybe he’ll get it right … Continue reading

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Radio Daze

I’ve mentioned Mondoville’s campus radio station before, and it pleases me that probably 30% of its playlist comes from my personal music collection (another 50% comes from a couple of my friends in the college), so it’s kind of like … Continue reading

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“You Have to Want It”

One of the first times I mentioned my dad here was when I talked about his advice to me about choosing a college: “You can get a good education anywhere, but you have to want it.” It’s as true now … Continue reading

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As I’ve been catching up on e-mail and such, I noticed that my post from the other day about student debt and defaulting has been tweeted a few times. One of them was by a representative of the frozen-foods industry. … Continue reading

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In the Words of Sir Cecil Creape…

“Did someone call? Ah! There you are!” Sorry for the disappearing act — a number of things blew up my schedule for the weekend and the upcoming few days, so blogging has been and will continue to be intermittent. A … Continue reading

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It’s Not My (De)Fault

Continuing our adulthood theme for today, Erin O’Connor (who is awesomesauce, as my students might say) examines an intersection of a couple of topics I’ve poked at here — higher education and strategic defaults. Her comments are prompted by the … Continue reading

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