Hail to Thee…

Mrs. M and I, having deposited MondoSpawn with her grandparents, are vacationing for a few days in the city where we met some 22 years back. We’ve driven through the University of Kentucky neighborhood a couple of times already, and eaten at our favorite restaurant. The evening included a visit to a pretty good-sized bookstore, where I picked up… wait for it… a recent bio of Samuel Johnson. Tomorrow, I’ll hit a few music stores.

There are striking differences between the town I remember and the one I see now — new academic buildings, new stores, new sprawl. But some things remain the same. Sometimes that’s good; on a whim, we checked to see if a chocolatier we remembered was still in business. It was just where we had left it in 1992, and I think the same little old ladies are running the place — apparently making people happy is good business.

On the other hand, six years ago, the U of Kentucky announced a goal of becoming a Top 20 university. These days? Not so much:

During public forums before [Eli] Capilouto was named president in May, Capilouto said he wanted UK to have big goals. But speaking specifically about the goal of becoming a Top 20 university, he said that UK “may not get there in our lifetime.”

Instead, the University will pay a consultant $285 grand to examine new, more economically realistic goals. A couple of thoughts:

1) Maybe my alma mater could get by without dropping nearly 300 large on an outside consultant.

2) Does the former prez really need a new office to the tune of 143 grand?

3) And then there’s this.

I think I’ll be able to control my generosity the next time I hear from the alumni fund.

The pie was good, though.

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4 Responses to Hail to Thee…

  1. Jeff says:

    My typical reactions to articles like these are: (1) What’s the point of paying university presidents exorbitant salaries–ostensibly to be managerial geniuses–if they just need to farm out basic, big-picture thinking about their school to some consulting firm? (2) Farming out this sort of work to consultants inadvertently sends the message that the university’s highly-touted business profs don’t actually know anything; prospective students in a more sensible society would see that as a huge red flag.

  2. MikeC says:

    Well… Don’t keep us in suspense. Which pies did you get?
    Missy’s Pie Shop is one of the things I really miss about Lexington. I miss the Butterscotch.
    I do see their prices have fully doubled in the last 9 years. Glad the ratio is the same: if three folks can agree on a pie, it is much cheaper to buy a whole pie v. three slices.

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