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A Thought on Amateurism…

Arethusa considers the decline of what she calls amateurism in intellectual endeavor in recent decades — what we also might think of as the work of “independent scholars”, outside the traditional, orthodox academic setting (think Schliemann or the backyard astronomer … Continue reading

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How Twigs Get Bent: Strangers

A while back, I reviewed Megan Abbott’s novel, The End of Everything. At Abbott’s blog, she discusses what appear to be unconscious connections between her novel (which deals with a missing child) and similar cases that took place during her … Continue reading

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Levelling Down

As I was in the cafeteria at Mondoville today, I was chatting with the Angel’s’ Legal Aid (as I serve the role of Devil’s Advocate, so…), and the topic of egalitarianism somehow crept into the conversation, which reminded me of … Continue reading

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“In Solidarity with Themselves”

My mancrush on Theodore Dalrymple continues unabated, as he gives us a foretaste of what may — nay, almost certainly will — be coming our way before too long. His topic is the British austerity program, as the Coalition government … Continue reading

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Two of My Favorite Obscure Guitar Solos… New Wave Edition

A lost New Wave act from (I think) the Chicago area, Wazmo Nariz’s band included several guys who would go on to play with Stan Ridgway (another of my favorite songwriters). They had a very minor hit with a song … Continue reading

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Whited Sepulchres on a Sunday

Sunday mornings are usually peaceful times for me. I wake when I wake, listen to “Breakfast with the Beatles” on LSUG, and catch up on e-mail and the like. But that last was my mistake this morning. I was cruising … Continue reading

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A Chat with the Spawn

(This post may be found at The American Culture.)

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