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Making a Splash

CNN reports that actress Daryl Hannah was arrested at a White House protest over the approval of the new pipeline from the Canadian Tar Sands to Texas. Maybe I’m just out of touch, but is the arrest footage the first … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Lit Crit

This morning I was looking over some blogs I hadn’t visited in a few days, and at The Educated Imagination, I discovered this post from Joseph Adamson regarding possible links between the rise of what is termed “literary theory” and … Continue reading

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Proto-Big Box

In my previous life as a journalist, I covered the retail industry for a design-oriented magazine. That was where I started reading the WSJ on a regular basis — because of my freak reading speed, part of my job was … Continue reading

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Veritas in Uno, Falsus in (Almost) Omnibus?

The Sonic Charmer takes a look at the notion of scientific consensus, and discovers that when we hear that some overwhelming number of scientists agree with concept x (e.g., Anthropogenic Climate Change), that doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. I … Continue reading

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Alumni Education

A couple of Mondoville grads who are Facebook friends of mine posted this article from Psychology Today, complete with the disingenuous “Interesting” that denotes agreement from those too passive-aggressive simply to say they agree (in fact, one of the two … Continue reading

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News From a Former Hometown: Tax Dollars at Work

Two days ago in Nashville, TN, armed federal agents raided a Gibson guitar factory in the course of the execution of a search warrant. What were the feds looking for — drugs? Illegal workers? Nope. According to the world-famous luthiers, … Continue reading

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A Brief Excerpt from My Syllabus

Yes, this is real, because I don’t always know if people are reading the whole thing. I can say that I rarely get comments. EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: In case of a pandemic, zombie apocalypse or any emergency situation on campus, please … Continue reading

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QotD — Double Standards Edition

From the Major’s favorite columnist: [Joe Biden] could show up at a Russian state funeral in a Speedo and pith helmet, singing the Alvin and the Chipmunks B-sides, and NBC’s Andrea Mitchell would lead with the disturbing reports that Sarah … Continue reading

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Back to Limbo

I learned this week that my brother’s trial will be continued, and I get the impression that the new date will likely be in Spring 2012, although the new date has not yet been set. My reaction to this is … Continue reading

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QotD — Small School Edition

Mondoville is a 4-year institution, but I think this comment via Ilkka at The Fourth Checkraise remains applicable: [T]he real difference between a prestigious university and a community college these days that in the former, you are in a corral … Continue reading

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