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A Wry Observation

When we fill out our tax forms (either quarterly or in the Spring), why do we call those tax returns? We’re not returning anything to the government — they’re taking away stuff that’s ours. Clearly I need my morning shower. … Continue reading

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A Little Bit Country

Although I lived in Nashville until I was nearly 13, and spent major chunks of my summers there until I was 21, I’ve never really been much into country music. Typically, I find it both overly polished and overly simple. … Continue reading

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Public Service

The ever-helpful Dr. Boli enlists the aid of the community.

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Jerry Leiber, RIP

One of the great songwriters of the rock and roll era died today. Along with composer Mike Stoller, lyricist Jerome “Jerry” Leiber helped define the songs and sound that became rock and roll. A list of their songs reads like … Continue reading

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QsotD — Dead Poet Edition

Our first quote comes from James Bowman, writing in The American Spectator about a film that looks at jailed eco-terrorist Daniel McGowan: Daniel suffers from the “attention must be paid” syndrome, first enunciated by Mrs. Willy Loman in Arthur Miller’s … Continue reading

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QotD — Something Like Theodicy Edition

Because my studies over the years have focused on matters of good and evil in literature, I have spent a fair amount of professional energy on matters of theodicy, from Job to Milton to Blake and so on. Of course, … Continue reading

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QotD — Gormogonic Edition

That nice young Czar of Muscovy fella, while discussing Rick Perry, says: Perry could have simply used the scientific number; but evidently he decided to play it coy because he still feels compelled to pander to a small number of … Continue reading

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Research, Planning, and Uncertainty

I’m sitting at a frappuccino preserve in Real City right now, having made my annual pilgrimage to the local research library to gather info for my contribution to the yearly Chaucer bibliography. I’ll probably write it up either tomorrow or … Continue reading

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The Patients of Jobs…

As another Recovery Summer draws to a close, we’re enthralled by the promised presidential pivot to job creation — although we must remember that one who spends too much time pivoting risks disappearing up his own backside. Consequently, it might … Continue reading

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Happy 72nd Birthday…

… to Peter Edward Baker, more commonly known as Ginger. One of the first rock drummers to be widely praised for his technical skill (although he has in fact always seen himself as a jazz musician who happened to play … Continue reading

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