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QotD — Double Standards Edition

From the Major’s favorite columnist: [Joe Biden] could show up at a Russian state funeral in a Speedo and pith helmet, singing the Alvin and the Chipmunks B-sides, and NBC’s Andrea Mitchell would lead with the disturbing reports that Sarah … Continue reading

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Back to Limbo

I learned this week that my brother’s trial will be continued, and I get the impression that the new date will likely be in Spring 2012, although the new date has not yet been set. My reaction to this is … Continue reading

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QotD — Small School Edition

Mondoville is a 4-year institution, but I think this comment via Ilkka at The Fourth Checkraise remains applicable: [T]he real difference between a prestigious university and a community college these days that in the former, you are in a corral … Continue reading

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A Wry Observation

When we fill out our tax forms (either quarterly or in the Spring), why do we call those tax returns? We’re not returning anything to the government — they’re taking away stuff that’s ours. Clearly I need my morning shower. … Continue reading

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A Little Bit Country

Although I lived in Nashville until I was nearly 13, and spent major chunks of my summers there until I was 21, I’ve never really been much into country music. Typically, I find it both overly polished and overly simple. … Continue reading

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Public Service

The ever-helpful Dr. Boli enlists the aid of the community.

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Jerry Leiber, RIP

One of the great songwriters of the rock and roll era died today. Along with composer Mike Stoller, lyricist Jerome “Jerry” Leiber helped define the songs and sound that became rock and roll. A list of their songs reads like … Continue reading

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