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A Dose of Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever is, as far as I know, sui generis. The LA-based band blends psychedelia with the nearly lost Cambodian pop of the 1960s and pre-Khmer Rouge 70s. The group started in 2001, four years after keyboardist Ethan Holtzman made … Continue reading

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Nanny State 1, History 0

Dunster, Somerset, UK, is a waterside town that dates back to Iron Age Britain, with three nearby hill forts and a history as an export site for Saxon wool. Not surprisingly, there are abundant artifacts of the town’s history. Well, … Continue reading

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QotD — Chutzpah Edition

Today’s quote comes from the Major’s BFF, Jonah Goldberg, who observes: Seriously, in 2008 we elected a community organizer, state senator, college instructor first term senator over a guy who spent five years in a Vietnamese prison. And now he’s … Continue reading

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How Twigs Get Bent: Birds with Broken Wings

I’ve noticed a few new commenters lately, and I’m delighted to hear from them. In my post from yesterday about the desire we’re seeing on the part of some folks on the Left to get that messy democratic accountability out … Continue reading

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Tax Dollars At Work

In what has become a recurring ritual on campuses across America, a chapter of Young Republicans at Berkeley held an “Affirmative Action Bake Sale”, satirizing the notion of racial preferences. The usual suspects had the usual conniptions, and were backed … Continue reading

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“Hush, Truth!”

Longtime visitors will remember my affection for Robert Weissberg’s Bad Students, Not Bad Schools, which I recommend as a bracing tonic against the scourge of “No child left behind” educational romanticism — the notion that all children are capable of … Continue reading

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The Mask Slips

I saw a cartoon once that depicted a seduction in progress. The man said, “Respect you in the morning? I don’t respect you now!” I’m reminded of that by some recent statements from some folks on the other side of … Continue reading

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Writing the Hand that Feeds You

Artists — at least those who expect to make a living at it — need patrons of some sort. From the dukes, kings and popes of centuries past to the many individual buyers and collectors of today, someone has to … Continue reading

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As Morgan Was Gracious Enough to Point Out…

Today is in fact my birthday (I would have thanked him at his place, but it won’t let me in to comment). Forty-six years back, after a 24-hour labor, I dropped in at a mere 9 lbs., 8 oz. — … Continue reading

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“The Personal Is Political”: A Dystopian Past

One of the more interesting challenges facing the advocates of the welfare state is the effort to reconcile the desire to provide for everyone with the fact that resources are finite. As ever, in a world of finite resources, something … Continue reading

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