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An Echo of the Tragic View

Michael Ignatieff offers some thoughts on Alan Wolfe’s book, Political Evil, today at Slate. The Canadian professor/pol/world citizen starts out by declaring his liberalism and moving to an interesting point — interesting because it is a point they often use … Continue reading

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It Adds Up to Cero

Phi Beta Cons alerts us to some goings-on a few hours to my north. The widely respected department of English and Comp Lit at the U of North Carolina is hosting a lecture next week. Entitled “Desarrollando Nepantler@s: Rethinking the … Continue reading

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Ethos and Stigma

I was discussing argumentation with my frosh this morning, and while most of the class was devoted to Stephen Toulmin’s elements of argument, we spent a little time talking about the Aristotelian idea that ethos — the appeal based on … Continue reading

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Some Saturday Silliness

Picked up some first-gen punk, some thrash with a sense of humor, and a couple of noirish graphic novels today, and enjoyed a freshly discovered Indian buffet in Real City with the keyboardist for the Berries. I’ll tell you more … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner: Corporations

The ongoing discussion of the “personhood” of corporations reminds me of a sonnet by my favorite poet (who also was a Harvard Law grad): CORPORATE ENTITY The Oklahoma Ligno and Lithograph Co Of Maine doing business in Delaware Tennessee Missouri … Continue reading

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Any Excuse Will Do…

Since neutrinos are in the news these days — and for the record, I think an error in the experiment is considerably more likely than FTL travel — I thought I’d include a video of one of my favorite songs. … Continue reading

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Within the Last 10 Days…

We’ve seen the President try the rhetorical strategy of a horny kid on prom night (“If you love me, you’ll…“) and the political equivalent of someone trying to reunite with the spouse who dumped them. “I don’t know about you, … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: Friendship is Magic

There are no little ponies who make magic on their own. None. So you’re a magical unicorn pony and can use telekinesis. Good for you! But I want to be clear. You teleported through the air that earth-ponies have breathed. … Continue reading

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Go! Go! Gormogons!

Yesterday I ran across a few of my lefty friends posting a quote attributed to Elizabeth Warren about how folks should just be grateful to fork over large chunks of our time and talents to Leviathan, which supplies roads, fire … Continue reading

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Fairness Redux

Once again, we hear calls for the (variously defined) rich to pay what the speaker considers to be a “fair share” of taxes — typically more than they currently pay. And once again, this returns us to the fact that … Continue reading

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