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Writing the Hand that Feeds You

Artists — at least those who expect to make a living at it — need patrons of some sort. From the dukes, kings and popes of centuries past to the many individual buyers and collectors of today, someone has to … Continue reading

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As Morgan Was Gracious Enough to Point Out…

Today is in fact my birthday (I would have thanked him at his place, but it won’t let me in to comment). Forty-six years back, after a 24-hour labor, I dropped in at a mere 9 lbs., 8 oz. — … Continue reading

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“The Personal Is Political”: A Dystopian Past

One of the more interesting challenges facing the advocates of the welfare state is the effort to reconcile the desire to provide for everyone with the fact that resources are finite. As ever, in a world of finite resources, something … Continue reading

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An Echo of the Tragic View

Michael Ignatieff offers some thoughts on Alan Wolfe’s book, Political Evil, today at Slate. The Canadian professor/pol/world citizen starts out by declaring his liberalism and moving to an interesting point — interesting because it is a point they often use … Continue reading

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It Adds Up to Cero

Phi Beta Cons alerts us to some goings-on a few hours to my north. The widely respected department of English and Comp Lit at the U of North Carolina is hosting a lecture next week. Entitled “Desarrollando Nepantler@s: Rethinking the … Continue reading

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Ethos and Stigma

I was discussing argumentation with my frosh this morning, and while most of the class was devoted to Stephen Toulmin’s elements of argument, we spent a little time talking about the Aristotelian idea that ethos — the appeal based on … Continue reading

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Some Saturday Silliness

Picked up some first-gen punk, some thrash with a sense of humor, and a couple of noirish graphic novels today, and enjoyed a freshly discovered Indian buffet in Real City with the keyboardist for the Berries. I’ll tell you more … Continue reading

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