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I’m feeling a bit better today — probably the steroids they’ve got me on as part of my pharmacopia to deal with my mild case of Andromeda Strain (and don’t you just hate when you strain your Andromeda?) Seriously, I’m … Continue reading

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I’m now in week four? Week five? of the creeping crud that started as an ear infection, migrated to my chest, and now bothers roughly everything between my eyebrows and xiphoid process. Meanwhile, Gradeapalooza has struck full force this week, … Continue reading

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“Time Out for Fun”

This post may be found at The American Culture.

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You Say It’s Not an Evolution…

One of the points I try to underscore when I teach in my field is that my students need to rethink their understanding of the medieval. Typically, insofar as my kids think of the Middle Ages at all, it tends … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Kindling

Lost-in-the-Woods County is relatively bereft of retail opportunities, so Black Friday is a relatively insignificant occasion around here. An in-law told me that Wal-Mart is slammed, but that’s really about it. Instead, I’m catching up a bit on my electronic … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof is Thankful

Meanwhile, in Lost-in-the-Woods County, it’s a gray day, threatening rain — which is OK, and how I think this time of year should look. Indeed, it looks like the kind of day made for staying inside with people you love, … Continue reading

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A Quick Look-In

Hello from Lost-in-the-Woods County, KY. Mrs. M is at the store and the Spawn is performing her morning ablutions, so I’m watching a little TV and poaching an Internet connection. A couple of quick observations: Should the Gormogons see fit … Continue reading

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Congratulations to the Major (Ret.), Now Mad Dog, Esq.

Today in DC, my best friend and frequent sparring partner will mark his retirement from the USAF after 12 years there. Combined with his previous 8 in the Navy (and a dose of law school in between), he has his … Continue reading

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Everywhere That I’m Not

Spent yesterday in Real City, buying books — new and used —  for myself and the Spawn, and having dinner with commenter Pondering Pilgrim. While I was at the Frappuccino Preserve yesterday afternoon, I glanced up and my father walked … Continue reading

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A few years ago, a former Mondoville colleague and I were talking — my friend was none too pleased. He had just emerged from a meeting that included representatives from various members of the college community — faculty, staff, administration, … Continue reading

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