QotD — Kardashian Edition?

I think it was Harlan Ellison who said that the opposite of love isn’t hate — it’s apathy. In that spirit, I neither seek out nor deliberately avoid things Kardashian-related. If one of the family is on TV, I change the channel, because I’m sure there’s something on somewhere that might actually interest me. It’s a (relatively) free country, and I don’t wish them ill, but neither do I consider pelvic width and vulgarity sufficient grounds for my interest.

But in today’s WSJ, William McGurn informs us that Kim Kardashian has become a poster girl for some liberal outrage. Not because of her absurdly short marriage or other unhealthy behaviors, but because, as McGurn notes:

She pays what she owes in state taxes under California law, instead of the much larger amount that some self-appointed advocacy group thinks she ought to be paying.

Of course, the advocacy group in question seems to operate under the assumption that folks like Ms. Kardashian would simply accept whatever surtaxes the state might impose, because everyone does, right?

In the real world, of course, taxes affect behavior all the time. It might be as simple as a mom buying a camera online to avoid paying local sales tax. Or it could be a basketball star such as LeBron James saving more than $12 million a year by signing with the Miami Heat, a team based in a state with no income tax.

[…]As a commentator on one blog pointed out, however, if Ms. Kardashian responded to the millionaires tax by relocating, then instead of gaining an additional few hundred thousand in revenue, the state would be out the more than $1 million she’s now paying (assuming the $12 million that [the advocacy group] lists is all taxable income).

This is a smaller, more personalized version of the fit I wrote about some time back when folks were kvetching about General Electric. And that brings us back to McGurn, and our QotD (emphasis mine):

[Liberals] will not be swayed because they are not being driven by their economics. They are being driven by their conception of immorality: the idea that millionaires have more than they should—and that any wealth they have is not something they have earned but something the state has allowed them to keep. It says much about the progressive Puritanism of our age that what these folks really find most sleazy about Ms. Kardashian is not her sex tape or her marriage, but that she’s unembarrassed about making money.

Me, I don’t want to take her money away — I’m happy just changing the channel.

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