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Yeah, That’s Cool

One of my favorite actors was Robert Mitchum — which isn’t surprising, as he was in two of my favorite movies. Tom Loewy talks about Mitchum and some noirish stuff, and shares this great story from the making of Angel … Continue reading

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Popping Bubbles

Charles Murray’s new book seems to be drawing considerable attention from the chattering and blogospheric classes. His contention, in the words of NRO‘s David French: Our class divisions are increasingly framed by differences in marriage and family status, with rich … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Is a Month Late or Eleven Months Early

The other night I was goofing around with my bandmates, and we came up with the idea of polite Doors songs (“Father!” “Yes, son?” “May I borrow five dollars?”/ “Mother?… Please fix my OATMEEEEEAL!”). From there, someone suggested a Doors … Continue reading

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Some Recommended Reading

Jonathan Haidt is a social psychologist with an interest in moral choices. In recent years, he has considered the psychology of political orientation. One of the things he has decided is that conservatives understand liberals far better than liberals understand … Continue reading

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Now They Worry About Big Government…

The President has decided that one of his sales pitches this year will involve encouraging more people to go to college, and as part of that, he’s calling for a close examination of college affordability. As the Chronicle of Higher … Continue reading

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Happy Aquinas Day!

Per my Catholic friends, today is the Feast Day of one of the reasons I love being a medievalist: St. Thomas Aquinas. My firsthand engagement with his work began through my research into the Seven Deadlies, and those Mondovillians who … Continue reading

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“It’s A Long Way to the Top If You Wanna Rock and Roll.”

“Got to pay your dues/ If you want to sing the blues/ And you know it don’t come easy.” — R. Starkey. As I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, I was born in Nashville, spent my first thirteen years (less six … Continue reading

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