Yeah, That’s Cool

One of my favorite actors was Robert Mitchum — which isn’t surprising, as he was in two of my favorite movies. Tom Loewy talks about Mitchum and some noirish stuff, and shares this great story from the making of Angel Face:

In an early scene, Mitchum slaps co-star Jean Simmons in the face. During production, director Otto Preminger told Mitchum to slap Simmons a number of times. After about four or five takes, Simmons started crying.

Preminger called for another take, whereupon Mitchum casually strolled over to the director and clocked him with an open-handed blow that nearly knocked Preminger to the floor.

Then Mitchum calmly asked Preminger, “Is that what you want, Otto?” and walked off the set.

Pimp-slapping Otto Preminger? Yeah, that’s cool.

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3 Responses to Yeah, That’s Cool

  1. Kate Marie says:

    That *is* a great story, and it makes me like Mitchum better than I usually do. I’ve never been a huge Mitchum fan, but I agree with you about Night of the Hunter. Just thinking about Mitchum’s performance in that movie makes my skin crawl — a good thing, obviously, given the character he plays. If you’re a noir fan, you’ve probably seen In a Lonely Place. If you haven’t, though, I highly recommend it.

  2. The Ancient says:

    I remember seeing Mitchum in Thunder Road at a drive-in back in 1958.

    It was so great that I later forgave him for ever single scene in Winds of War.

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