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Caption Contest! (Now With Extra Mickey Dolenz)

The prize, of course, is the admiration of the real and virtual Mondoville community. So here you go: Mickey’s the one on the left. And a classic from Ace: The Top 10 Signs Your Clown Has Gone Bad.

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An Observation and a Question

Richard Weaver was once accused of being “a rhetorician attempting to do the work of a philosopher.” By that standard, I may be a medievalist with a background in rhetoric attempting to do that work. Nonetheless: We all have some … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Discovers that Sometimes These Things Write Themselves

So, as I was taking the Spawn to school this morning, my car decided it had had enough. The brake and battery lights came on, and the car died at a stoplight. I put it in neutral and coasted backwards … Continue reading

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Playing Pool, and Pyrrhus for President?

Because I’m a klutz, I’m a lousy pool player. I know this, however, so I’ve adopted an old saying of an old college friend, who said, “The objective of pool isn’t to win, but to look cool why you play.” … Continue reading

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Another Gray Afternoon…

A few minutes ago, commenter Dave S. pointed me toward Adam Davidson’s striking article in the Atlantic that examines what we sometimes mistakenly call the decline in American manufacturing. In fact, what we mean is a decline in jobs for … Continue reading

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Chomp, Chomp, Chomp…

As I was glancing at Facebook this afternoon, one of my favorite students was kvetching about the fact that the college library closes at noon on Saturdays. Several of her peers chimed in, citing this as demonstrative of the school’s … Continue reading

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A Gray Afternoon in Mondoville

I was getting ready to watch some college basketball this afternoon when I realized I was out of pretzels, so I made a quick run to the supermarket. Mondoville is split by a few sets of railroad tracks, due in … Continue reading

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A Dose of Richard Thompson

Although I’m no one’s idea of cool, I occasionally feel a dose of hipster’s remorse, the fear of sharing cool stuff because then The Wrong People might eventually dig it. That’s right — high school never ends, does it? But … Continue reading

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With Great Power…

OK, so I considered Huntsman and Johnson. And I thought about Perry. So I think only one question remains: Should I go ahead and give my “kiss-of-death” endorsement of Obama now, or wait until closer to the election?

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Odysseus Meets Jim Thompson

(This Post may be found  at The American Culture…)

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