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“I’ve Got to Admit, It’s Getting Better”

The Beatles sang that, once upon a time, but were they right? As Ed Driscoll points out in a thoughtful essay on “The Paradox of the Nostalgic Progressive“, even folks on the Left seem filled with an attraction what Northrop … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof is Reminded of His Good Fortune

This morning, I spent my office hours being grateful that we don’t always get what we deserve. You see, Mondoville is hiring a new English prof — specifically a 19th/20th (and now, I suppose, 21st)-century Brit Lit specialist. I’m on … Continue reading

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Love Comes to Mondoville

One of the delightful things about the Mondovilles of the world is that you get to see your students and former students on an everyday basis, and you get to see what goes on in their lives. The young lady … Continue reading

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Geek Heckles

Two members of the Mondoville basketball team are from Iceland. At a recent game, one of these guys blew past the defender for a layup, and I hollered, “Yeah, he burned you like Njal!” And they say medieval lit is … Continue reading

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Psailing Into Psych-Pop

Cotton Mather’s 1997 Kontiki album has been something of a lost classic for years, with used copies fetching upwards of $100. The fact that this is true of an album that’s just now turning 15 is testimony to its quality. … Continue reading

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Some Days Make Up for Other Days…

We left the Romantics (not these guys, but Blake, Wordsworth, that set) in the rearview today, and edged into Victoriana today with some Newman and J.S. Mill. Specifically, we looked at some excerpts from my old fave, Newman’s Idea of … Continue reading

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News from Near Mondoville

In the city where the Berries record, there was a bit of a kerfuffle. A local TV station reports that customers at the Greenville Best Buy were somewhat startled to see explicit, pornographic images on a 55-inch big-screen TV. Apparently, … Continue reading

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