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QotD: A Word from Charles Sykes

I’m watching Mr. Sykes on CSPAN-2 right now, talking about his new book, A Nation of Moochers. He read the following passage from his book — it’s worth your consideration. My 401K is down 40%, my employer just cut the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Dear Spawn…

My sharp, beautiful daughter turns 15 today. Fifteen years ago, after introducing her to the Major, his EuroWife, and my folks, I held her as my beloved U of Kentucky Wildcats lost the national championship game to some other wildcats … Continue reading

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A Good Day for Some New Music

As we coast into the weekend, the Intertubes blessed me with some cool new/upcoming releases. Most immediately, there’s a new album, All is More than Both, from Jason Plumb and the Willing, smart popsters from the Canadian prairies (Regina, SK, to … Continue reading

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QotD: Across the Pond Edition

I mentioned Jonathan Haidt some time ago — he’s the social psychologist who argues, among other things, that conservatives understand liberals better than liberals understand conservatives, not least because conservatives consider factors in their moral choices to which liberals may … Continue reading

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“Thank You, Mr. Atkins”

One of the cooler ideas to come out of Mondoville College’s Dark Tower is a new emphasis on reaching out to veterans. Many of them enlisted to earn money for college, after all, and we figure that many of them … Continue reading

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The Riddle Is Solved

Although he recently made the news for a traffic violation, Lenny B. Robinson is the coolest guy in the world.

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Tonstant Weader Fwowed Up

The Major (Ret.) continues to hype his new employer on Facebook and Twitter, and this morning he posted a link to an NYT column by Joe Nocera that took me three Dramamine and a shot of insulin to get through. … Continue reading

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