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Soak the Rich!

My buddy the Mad Dog insists that folks who aren’t willing to hike taxes aren’t serious about cutting the deficit. It’s an interesting theory, but how might it work in practice? Well, there’s a fun and easy computer simulation that … Continue reading

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Gradeapalooza Finitus Est

Got my grades submitted this morning, which leaves me a bit less than a month before I teach my summer courses. Commencement is Saturday, and I’ll be watching one advisee, one almost-advisee, and several lunch buddies head off into the … Continue reading

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Notes on a Second Bloggiversary

So I started this stuff two years ago today, and much to my surprise, I’m still doing it. I wouldn’t have thought I’d have had this much to say — and perhaps I don’t — but I enjoy this enough … Continue reading

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All Prog Cons

While I most typically talk about garage rock around here, I’ve made no secret of my affection for progressive rock as well. Over the years, I’ve seen Yes, Rush, Marillion (with Fish and with Hogarth), ELP (with Palmer and with … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Garage Spotlight

Tonight I thought I’d pass along a couple of interesting tracks from a Quebecois garage band, Montreal’s legendary The Haunted. Best known for their Nuggets-approved “125”, which happened to be in English, they also did some interesting coversen Francais, and … Continue reading

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Syndrome Syndrome

In an article at Commentary, Fred Siegel argues that much of the decline of popular culture can be traced to a sort of snobbery among the intelligentsia of the 20th Century. He observes that The [literary intellectuals] —Sinclair Lewis, F. … Continue reading

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Sharing Some BlogLove

John Carenen is a colleague of mine here in Mondoville — his office is across the hall from mine. He’s funny, talented, passionate about his students and good writing, and another man of the Right despite working in a college … Continue reading

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