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In Which the Prof Passes Along an Interesting Question

Shortly after we moved to Mondoville, I stopped by the local video store and picked up a copy of The Seventh Seal — fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, medievalists gotta watch that movie, right? When I got to the … Continue reading

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Northrop Frye: “I Had Genius.”

Whether you call it synchronicity, coincidence, or the Hand of God, the city of Toronto has occupied an oddly pivotal position in my life. I developed a fascination with the city when I was eleven, when I learned that one … Continue reading

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It’s Interesting What Sticks Sometimes

Although I’ve attended far too many funerals and memorials over the years, one silver lining is that they often provide the opportunity to meet with people from one’s own past who may have disappeared in the swirling eddies of life. … Continue reading

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One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Persian

There’s an interesting article at Foreign Policy by Karim Sadjadpour, discussing the sexual underpinnings and quirks of post-revolutionary Iran. There’s nothing really new here in a big picture sense, but some of the particulars are memorable, and the piece serves … Continue reading

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Guarded Optimism

Just in case things haven’t been busy enough at Spackle Manor, the Spawn has spent the past week trying out for Mondoville High’s Color Guard. She’s a complete neophyte at this, but decided she wanted to give it a go, … Continue reading

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QotD: My Favorite Record Review

I was glancing at this morning when I saw a story on a couple of men, one of whom is the grandson of Charles Manson and the other of whom thought he might be Manson’s son. Because my mind … Continue reading

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Mail Call…

When I got home this afternoon, I found a package on my enclosed back porch — one of the nice things about Mondoville is that the letter carriers know you well enough to put stuff where it won’t get rained … Continue reading

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