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I’m Still Around…

… just swamped by waves of gradeapalooza, but I maintain hope for next weekend. The scheduling gods have smiled upon me, allowing me to get my finals out of the way on this coming Thursday, so I hope to have … Continue reading

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Welcome to Gradeapalooza, Population: Me.

I’m going to be frantically busy for the next week or two. I received my first two batches of research papers today, with two more coming tomorrow. Finals begin next week, and three candidates for the Mondoville presidency will be … Continue reading

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Ave Atque Vale

The family of drummer/vocalist Levon Helm has announced that he is in the final stages of his struggle with cancer. Greil Marcus once described Helm as the only drummer whose playing could make listeners cry, but it’s worth noting that … Continue reading

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QotD: Smartest Guy in the World Edition

There’s been a bit of chuckling in the dextrosphere regarding the President’s Cartagena speech in which he referred to the Falkland Islands (which the Argentinians call the Malvinas) as the Maldives, which are off the coast of India. Now, the … Continue reading

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“Come See the Violence Inherent In the System!”

Plunging boldly forward into … well, about five or ten (or more) years back, I received an e-mail telling the campus community that later this week, one of our buildings will be turned into a “Tunnel of Oppression.” For those … Continue reading

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QotD — Old Neighbor Edition

When I was doing my M.A., Wendell Berry‘s office was a few doors down from mine. We didn’t talk much, although he’d occasionally chuckle at me when he saw me carrying double armloads of student journals from the elevator to … Continue reading

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Spenser’s Voice

Not quite a year ago, I wrote a post where I talked a bit about the selection of Ace Atkins to continue Robert B. Parker’s Spenser series. As it turns out, Lawrence Block also had some thoughts on the subject. … Continue reading

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