This seems to have become a personal tradition, and I don’t reckon any further comment is necessary.

Professor Mondo

Maj. Warren S. Moore, Sr., USA (1914-61, WW II, Korea)

Sgt. James Michial Moore, USA (1949-69, KIA, Vietnam)

A1C Warren S. Moore, Jr., USAF (1943-2009, Vietnam era)

And from last year:

Archibald MacLeish was an ambulance driver and artilleryman in World War I, and his brother, a naval aviator, was killed in 1918. This poem appeared in MacLeish’s collection Streets in the Moon, published 1926. The version that appears in his Collected Poems omits the final eight lines.

Memorial Rain

Ambassador Puser the ambassador
Reminds himself in French, felicitous tongue,
What these (young men no longer) lie here for
In rows that once, and somewhere else, were young
. . .

All night in Brussels the wind had tugged at my door:
I had heard the wind at my door and the trees strung
Taut, and to me who had never been before
In that country it was…

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