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Are You Serious?

In my teens, I was crazy about a girl I had met at the National Spelling Bee. In true nerd boy fashion, she lived in another state, and she was (and I assume remains) super smart, lovely, and terrifyingly musically … Continue reading

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QotD: HotEL Edition

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that I’ve taught History of the English Language (HotEL) a few times during my career at Mondoville. The course usually defaults to a medievalist (particularly at small colleges), and although I hope I’ve … Continue reading

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Dad’s Birthday

My father would have been 69 today. He’s been gone for almost three years now, but it’s remarkable how much of a role he continues to play in my day-to-day life and thoughts. One of the earliest posts I wrote … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof is Not Even Slightly Surprised

Folks who are not fans of religion often like to claim that religious believers are too often self-righteous and hyperjudgmental. I wouldn’t disagree — human beings are too often self-righteous and hyperjudgmental. However, the aforementioned irreligious people seem to contend … Continue reading

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It’s A Man’s Life in the Lexicographical Community

As a fan of Samuel Johnson and as a frequent teacher of Mondoville’s History of the English Language (HotEL) course, and just as someone who loves words, I have both a professional and a personal interest in dictionaries. One of … Continue reading

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From Australia to a Nashville Bedroom

The death of Robin Gibb makes for the latest entry on the celebrity necrology, and not surprisingly, most of the coverage I’ve seen has featured the Bee Gees’ work from the disco/helium/dolphin years. Fair enough — they moved a load … Continue reading

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Shut Up, He Explained

A facebook friend of mine from my Ph.D. institution posted a link to an op-ed piece by Prof. Stephen J. Mexal (Assistant Prof. in Fullerton State’s English department) at Inside Higher Ed this morning. The title is “Why the Right … Continue reading

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The Revolution Will Not Be Nougat-Filled

Reason reports that our self-appointed caretakers are yet again forcing us to make good choices. Mars Inc. (makers of Snickers, Milky Way, and my fave — Twix) has announced that it is phasing out King-sized snacks; in future, their products … Continue reading

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The Best Ten Bucks I’ve Spent in a While…

… went to the local frappuccino preserve in Real City this afternoon. Back when Peter S. Beagle was coming to town, I ran across a couple of articles suggesting a link between Peter’s Fine and Private Place and Neil Gaiman’s … Continue reading

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When Pickup Artists Comment Spam

I realize that title sounds like “Someone set us up the bomb”, but bear with me. I don’t recall where I first heard of the pickup artist subculture, but it didn’t impress me much, as I am 1) reasonably adult … Continue reading

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