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Another Saturday Night…

I made a trip to Real City today, and interspersed between the hellish traffic jams, I picked up a copy of the new Rush album, Clockwork Angels. As I sat becalmed in traffic, I gave it a spin. My initial … Continue reading

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Bonus QotD: Lefty Hipsterism Redux Edition

This one comes from Charles C.W. Cooke, via Twitter: Because nothing says you’re a freethinking iconoclast better than unblinking support for massive expansions of government power.

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QotD: There Is No Sanctuary Edition

A recurring theme over here in Mondoville is that contrary to the popular phrase, the personal is not political, that if your life isn’t bigger than your politics, you’re doing one of them wrong. This is in fact one of … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner: Auden Edition

One of my Ph.D. professors said that, although she felt bad about it, she couldn’t help thinking less of a person who didn’t like Auden’s work. I wouldn’t go that far, but I have to admit that I always felt … Continue reading

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QotD: Home Away from Home Edition

In view of SCotUS’s decision that the only cure for Obamacare is through the political process (that is, repeal in one form or other), I bring you a bit from Sam Karnick, editor of The American Culture, where I pop … Continue reading

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Black-Bordered Poetry Corner

Shine, Perishing Republic By Robinson Jeffers While this America settles in the mould of its vulgarity, heavily thickening to empire, And protest, only a bubble in the molten mass, pops and sighs out, and the mass hardens, I sadly smiling … Continue reading

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It’s In the Bag

When I was in elementary school, we were split about half and half between kids who brought lunches from home and kids who ate the school cafeteria food. As I grew older, fewer and fewer students packed from home, although … Continue reading

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Iron Dreams

When I wasn’t writhing in agony over the weekend (and now, 18 hours after my emergency root canal, I’ve gone from totally miserable to just a bit miserable), I noticed quite a few folks at the convention who were attired … Continue reading

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The Big Announcement: A 20-Year Overnight Success

One night in the early 90s, I was driving around Lexington, KY, listening to this song: Suddenly, a scene flashed into my head. I turned around, went home and wrote four pages. The questions then came: How did I get … Continue reading

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Back Home In Mondoville

I’m slightly more ambulatory today than I was last night, and I’m counting the hours between pills (oddly, the ibuprofen seems to make me more comfortable than the Vicodin) and until the dentist opens tomorrow. In the meantime, here are … Continue reading

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