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Some Days the Bear Gets You…

… and today I’m bear chow. Woke up at 4 this morning with serious pain in my lower front tooth — the one I had repaired a while back. No problem… Charlotte’s a big enough city that it’ll have emergency … Continue reading

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Once More Unto the Geeks, Dear Friends

For the second consecutive year, the Spawn and I have driven a couple of hours to Charlotte, NC, home of HeroesCon. We’re not staying at the Posh Hotel this time, opting for a hipster hangout instead (not because we’re hip, … Continue reading

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Love and Theft

When I first got into the business in my grad school days, back when Adam Scriveyn was still sharpening his quill, I used to ask my students, “What was the last album/CD you bought?” I asked that question a few … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Higher Up the Food Chain

The recent resignation under pressure of the University of Virginia’s president came under discussion at the lunch table today, following as it does on the heels of a dustup at Texas. As usual, Margaret Soltan has been on the case, … Continue reading

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A Preview of Coming Insurrections

William Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection brought me one of my first blogalanches when I got into this racket, and I’ve been proud to have it on my blogroll since my early days. I swung by a few minutes ago, and ran … Continue reading

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A Quick Dose of Nice

Heaven knows I spend enough time kvetching about the imbalance between academics and athletics in higher ed. However, some things just make you smile, and I think this dispatch from Mondoville is an example of that. As it happens, I … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Macca

Today is Paul McCartney’s 70th birthday. Between the Beatles and his solo career, he has sold 100 million albums, topped the Billboard charts more than 30 times, played a critical role in the development of bass guitar performance (using it … Continue reading

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Father’s Day at Spackle Manor

It’s been a lovely day. Gifts from the ladies were plentiful, highlighted by an 8-space picture frame, filled with pix of three generations of Mondos. The Spawn also presented me with a pencil sketch of the two of us, and … Continue reading

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Laws Are for People We Don’t Like

At least, that’s the conclusion I’m forced to draw based on yesterday’s move by the President to unilaterally nullify refuse to enforce laws that interfere with his sworn duty to get re-elected. But of course, there’s a problem with government-by-executive-order. … Continue reading

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“Train for Ill, and Not for Good”

The Mad Dog likes to needle me occasionally about my tragic view of humanity. He finds my lack of faith in human institutions… disturbing. But one of the advantages of my position is that I get to engage in rueful … Continue reading

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