QotD: Turnabout Edition

We visit our old friends at Legal Insurrection today. As my Facebook feed continues to light up over things deep-fried and government hacks trying to keep the bully in “bully pulpit”, we must once again recall that when you cheer the government for what it can do to your social opponents, you should remember that those opponents may well return the favor when Fortuna spins her wheel again. Take it away, Prof. Jacobson:

Remember, there are 30 states which have passed constitutional amendments or laws recognizing the same standard as advocated by the founder of Chick-fil-A.

Do the people cheering the Mayor of Boston or the Alderman in Chicago really want governments to punish those with whom they disagree on the issue of marriage, and does that standard also empower the politicians in those 30 states as much as it empowers the Mayor and Alderman?

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1 Response to QotD: Turnabout Edition

  1. Fencing Bear says:

    Funny how few take a moment to realize this. Censorship works both ways.

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