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To the Owners of the Restaurant/Bar at Which I Play Trivia on Occasional Wednesday Nights: Apparently, it is incumbent upon me to ask a few questions before I arrive. So: What is your eatery’s position as regards manned space exploration? … Continue reading

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And Speaking of Radio

Three-fourths of the Berries will be appearing on Mondoville’s AM radio blowtorch tomorrow, hyping our annual summer concert on the town square Friday night. So around 9:15 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, you may find this link of interest. Just saying…

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Why I Love Radio Free Mondoville

I’ve talked a few times about the college radio station, which uses a robot DJ when the students aren’t doing shifts. What that means is that most of the time, the station plays selections from the personal collections of the … Continue reading

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Sometimes a Waffle Fry Is Just a Waffle Fry

One of the things I like about being conservative is that I recognize that it’s only a partial philosophy of life. The personal needn’t be political. I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again: If your life isn’t bigger than … Continue reading

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The Only Way to Be Sure

As we wait to hear about the NCAA’s attempt to impose penalties on Penn State’s football program tomorrow morning (I say attempt because I’m almost certain that some demented fan will attempt legal action to block it), ESPN reports that … Continue reading

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Natural Fits

I grew up reading comics, and migrated to pulps via Murphy and Sapir’s Destroyer series, as well as my dad’s sf novels. Later on, I graduated to stuff like Robert B. Parker, Richard S. Prather’s Shell Scott novels, and John … Continue reading

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Back In My Birthplace

Someone’s been drinking the electric kool-aid in Nashville. Go here and check out The Sufis.

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